Mid East Racing 

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2023 Mid East RULES:

General Rules of the Meet:

  • NO PIT RIDING – No riding around in the pits. A first gear idle is only allowed when traveling to and from starting line and MUST ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.
  • No one under the age of 16 is to ride their machine through the pits area.
  • Once your race is over, park your machine.
  • Warm – up riding is limited to a designated area and only when the referee or other officials give you permission and only after the rider has registered for the event.
  • Any rider riding his machine before registering for the race may be disqualified or the bike/quad will be parked at the sign up trailer till the rider is preparing to leave.
  • Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew. Any unnecessary trouble caused by these individuals puts their rider at risk of disqualification or being asked to leave the premises.
  • A competitor who rides in a manner that endangers officials, other riders, or the spectators will be subject to immediate disqualification from the event by officials.
  • Rider contact – ramming, blocking, or any intentional contact made by one rider to another rider while on the course or while on the premises during the day of the event, will be subjected to penalty to their finished time.
  • If you bring pets, please secure them at the vehicle during the races. We are not liable for dogs on the track. Pets must be on a leash at all times!! No exceptions to this rule! If you walk your dog in an area where spectators or others are, you are responsible for cleaning up the waste and disposing of it.
  • Keep your children with you at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions. If caught destroying the track or property, you and the child could be asked to leave. It is not safe to allow your children to walk the track without you. Please do not allow your children to pit ride after their race is over. This is against the rules and will be punished by having to park their bike at sign up trailer till you pull out of the facility.
  • Primitive camping usually is available at each facility. Please come and set up your camp quietly. Check with the officials before starting ANY campfires. Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. please observe this so everyone can get some rest.

Rider Registration:

  • No rider under the legal age of majority in the state of NC may compete without the written consent (signature on the liability releases and entry forms) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the meet. A parent must come to registration with any rider under the age of 18 years.
  • To participate in any event with the Mid East series, each participant must: Have armband from front gate with them at registration, Pay entry fees to receive bar code, purchase transponder, and have a valid AMA membership
  • Mid East Hare Scramble Series does not provide medical insurance. Please have your own insurance before signing any waivers to race.
  • Anyone coming to register for the race must have their arm band from the gate visible in order to be signed up. No armband, no registering. RIDERS MUST BRING THEIR HELMET TO SIGNUP WITH THEM!!!
  • Sign up opens at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. Please be signed up at least thirty minutes prior to race time.
  • Any rider under the age of 21 may have to supply a photo I.D. to sign up.
  • All riders MUST bring their helmet with them to signup.
  • Peewee/Micro Entry Fee: $25.00

Youth Entry Fee: $30.00

Junior UTV Entry Fee: $40.00

Motorcycle and Quad Entry Fee: $40.00

UTV Entry fee: $75.00

Pro UTV Entry fee: $125.00

Expert Classes Bikes and Quad: $50.00

Pro Entry Bikes and Quad: $60.00


  • AMA membership is required in order to participate in any Mid East event.
  • All riders that wish to compete for end of year awards MUST HAVE competed in a MINIMUM of TWELVE races to be eligible for year-end awards. Races must be in same class.

Riders under the Age of 18 years:

  • This applies to PeeWee, Youth, Motorcycle and Quad riders:

All participants (riders) under the age of 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present AT SIGN UP to sign entry forms – Youth Release Form and Release of Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. Annual Release Forms are available and must be signed by both parents. If no parent or legal guardian is present, you must have a NOTARIZED statement from a parent giving permission to a legal adult to sign for them and seek medical care for the rider if necessary.

  • Parents must come with the rider to sign up at EVERY Race. No Parents, No Racing.

Class Qualifications:

  • Whatever class you race in another off-road Series (i.e. NCHSA, SETRA, GNCC, etc) you must race the same level class in Mid East. Any rider found racing in the wrong level, will be disqualified of all points obtained and will be registered to ride in appropriate level at next race event.
  • Pro Class: The Pro Class and Expert Class are elective classes.
  • At the first twelve races, the Pro riders will draw spoons for their starting order. At the last four races, the Pros will go to the line based upon points first; all other Pros will draw for remaining starting positions.
  • A Class: All winners of B Classes from the previous season, and any B level rider that won three or more races must move to an A Class.
  • Any “A” level rider from another off-road Series, must run “A”
  • B Class: The top three riders from the C Classes from the previous season that has at least one Class win, and any C level rider that won more than one race must move to a B Class.
  • Any “B” level rider from another off- road Series, must run “B”

Riders between the ages of 12 and 14 riding in a “B” level class shall not be forced to race an “A” level class, regardless of how many “B” races they win due to age.

  • C Class: These classes are for beginners. Any rider that has won a C Class Championship from another series is not allowed to race in our C Classes. Novice classes are considered C level classes.
  • Trailriders is considered a beginner’s class. You are only allowed to race in this class for one race season.
  • Age Class: You must ride in the age appropriate class.
  • Protest is available for anyone running in an inappropriate class based on experience or any other series. There is no protest allowed in Unlimited Sportsman and or Trailrider classes. These are non points paying classes. In order to protest another rider, they must be in your class. If you wish to protest another rider, it must be in writing given to sign-up trailer within 30 minutes of finishing the race. There is a $200 protest fee if the protest involves the bike/quad being torn down.
  • A rider may protest to move to a lower class if he/she feels they are not capable of competing in the higher class. A rider may petition to AMA to move down in class rank. The decision made by AMA is final. No rider will be able to move after having raced four races already in the class. Each case will be considered individually at a meeting with the organization or by AMA.
  • The rider must be large enough and mature enough to control his/her machine at all times and ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting and dismounting. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider that cannot safely control his/her motorcycle or quad.

Youth Class Qualifications:

  • PeeWee Race:

Super PeeWee Class – ages 8-9 years old, stock appearing 50cc machine

Senior Pee-Wee – age 7 years old, stock appearing 50 cc machine

Intermediate 6 – age 6 years old, stock appearing 50 cc machines

Girls – ages 4-9 years old, stock appearing 50 cc machine only

Junior Pee Wee Class – ages 4-5 years old, stock appearing 50cc machine

Shaft Class – ages 4-9 years old, stock appearing 50 cc machine PW 50cc

  • Youth Quad Race:

Senior Mod– ages 13-15 years old, Modified (0-112 2st) (0-150cc 4st)

Intermediate Mod – ages 8-13 years old, Modified (0-112 2st) (0-150cc-4st)

Girls- ages 6 -11 years old (0-112 2st) (0-150cc 4st)

Girls – ages 12-15 years old (0-112 2st) (0-150cc 4st)

Senior Stock – ages 13-15 years old, Stock (0-125cc) 4 stroke only

Intermediate Stock – ages 8-12 (0-125cc) 4 stroke Stock

2 Stroke – ages 5-13 Stock (0-70cc) 2 stroke only

Jr Stock – ages 5-13 Stock (0-90cc) 4 stroke only

Trailriders – ages 5-15 years (0-112 2 st) (0-150 4 st) Non Points Paying Class First Year



Pee Wee Quad Race:

PeeWee Class – ages 3-8 50cc 2st 70cc 4st NO DDR NO APEX

Micro Quad Race:

Micro 11– 11 years old 0-90cc 4 st Stock No Modified frames

Micro 10– 10 years old 0-90cc 4 st Stock No Modified frame

Micro 9– 9 years old 0-90cc 4 st Stock No Modified frame

Micro 8 – 8 years old 0-90cc 4 st Stock No Modified frame

Micro 7 – 7 years old 0-90 cc 4st Stock No Modified frame

Micro 5-6 – ages 5-6 0-90 cc 4st Stock No Modified frame

Youth Bike Race:

Senior Class – ages 14-15 years old, 2 stroke machines 0-112cc or 4 stroke machines 0-150cc

Intermediate Class – ages 12-13 years old, 2 stroke machines 0-112cc or 4 stroke machines 0-150 cc

85 Big Wheel = ages 12-15 years old 2 stroke machine 0-85cc

85 Class – ages 12-15 years old 66cc-85cc 2 stroke 91-125cc 4 stroke

85 Class – ages 7-11 years old 66-85cc 2 stroke 91-125cc 4 stroke

65cc Class – ages 10-11 years old, 0-65cc 2 stroke 0-90cc 4 stroke

65cc Class – ages 7-9 years old, 0-65cc 2 stroke 0-90 4 stroke

Girls – ages 7-15 years old, 2 stroke machines 0-112cc or 4 stroke machines 0-150 cc

Trailriders Class - NON-POINTS paying class First Year Racer

  • Age Class: You must be of the age as of January 1st of that year to race in the class.
  • The rider must be large enough and mature enough to control his/her machine at all times and ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting and dismounting. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider that cannot safely control his/her motorcycle or quad.


  • Each rider must have a helmet, long-sleeve shirt, pants, and boots that cover the ankles in order to participate in an event.
  • No rider is allowed to carry an extra storage of gasoline other than what is in their fuel tank while racing.
  • No motorized equipment, ex: pit bikes, four wheelers, golf carts or utv’s are allowed on the track during the race except by race officials. E Bikes are permitted. E Bikes are NOT permitted on the track during the PeeWee or Micro races!! This applies to spectators and to pit crew members. Riders will be penalized if their pit crew does not follow this rule.
  • Riders may get mechanical assistance from their pit crews or spectators while on the course, but must finish the race on the SAME BIKE started on and under the machine’s own power or the physical energy of the RIDER HIM/HER SELF.
  • The machine a rider brings to the starting line is considered their race machine for the event. If any rider found to be switching machines, their results will be excluded from the race.
  • All ATV’s must be equipped with a functional tether type mechanical kill device attached to the vehicle and to the rider so that the engine ignition is cut off at any time a rider becomes dismounted from the ATV.


  • Riders may walk or ride a bicycle around track prior to racing. Only race officials are able to ride on ANY portion of the track day of event. Only race officials are allowed to have motorized equipment ex: ATV, Motorcycle, and UTV on the track the day of the race. E Bikes are allowed for Pit crew members. NO BICYCLES ARE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK DURING THE PEEWEE/MICRO RACES!!
  • If a rider leaves the track for any reason, the rider must reenter from the exact location they exited. However, if the rider is towed out, the rider cannot re-enter the race.
  • The marked course is within 25 feet of all arrows. Anytime double arrows are posted on both sides of the track, riders MUST stay between these arrows. Whenever there are added markers to the trail (ribbon, banners, stakes, hay barrels), rider must stay between these as well. If a rider deviates greater than 25 feet from trail, penalty will be assessed.
  • The course is marked with arrows based on the following color chart
  • ATV Micro/Pee Wee Green White
  • ATV Youth Blue White
  • ATV Red White
  • UTV (Youth & Adult) Pink Black
  • Pee Wee Green White
  • Youth Bike Blue White
  • Amateur Bike Orange Black
  • Pro Bike Orange Black
  • If a motocross track is involved in the course, it is required that each rider go over each jump as well as stay on the track, going around all marked turns or a penalty will be assessed.
  • Any rider encountering a “bottle neck” or “traffic jam” due to track difficulties may deviate from track greater than 25 feet but must re-enter the course as soon as possible. Upon approaching this section on next lap, rider must follow original trail. Short cutting in these areas will result in a penalty. A “bottle neck” is only defined as a section of the course that becomes impassable due to riders being stuck on difficult terrain. Riders must go through all checkpoints even if bottle neck is involved.
  • Marking, cutting, or changing the designated course from it’s original appearance will be caused for a penalty.
  • Any rider that rides any portion of the track before the start of the race will be given a penalty.
  • An official may use his discretion during the race to change any bottleneck from its original track lay-out.

Starting Line:

  • No one is allowed on the starting line till after the checkered flag has come out for the previous race.
  • Riders must line up between the stakes in their assigned row. Pro riders need to meet at the top of the starting line to be sent to their line in order of how they drew a spoon while registering.
  • Riders Meeting will be held on the Starting Line before each race.
  • Any rider that takes off on the wrong row will be penalized that much time from the correct row at his finish time as well as a timed penalty for starting on the wrong row.
  • A rider must be ready when called to the starting line. If a rider is not ready, he is given two minutes to make minor repairs.
  • Race official’s check off each rider that is on the starting line, if a rider is not found on the starting line at the time of the race, they will be assessed a penalty at the end of the race.
  • Early crank will result in penalty at Finish Line
  • When the track is cleared for the start:
  1. The blue flag will signal for all riders to shut down their engines/
  2. 30 seconds later the Referee will extend his arm to signal “10 Seconds” before the start of the race. At the”10 Seconds” signal, all crew members must step behind the riders. This should be at least 10 feet.
  3. Between 8 and 10 seconds, the green flag will be thrown, signaling the start of the race. If rider is unable to start machine, assistance may be offered after 10 seconds.
  • All starts are dead engine, except for the Peewee/Micro riders


  • All riders must come to a complete STOP at the scoring tent each lap. Any rider that does not stop will be forced to come back on his own effort or penalized after the race.
  • Have your bar code on both sides of the helmet near the chin, with all other bar codes covered up, so the wrong one isn’t scanned, causing you to be not scored for the race.
  • Have the transponder attached to your bark buster or the back of the number plate. Do not attach the transponder to metal!!! If you purchase a new transponder, remove the old one from your helmet or your machine!!! Do not ask them what position you are in, because they do not keep up with your class.
  • Do not yell at the workers or hold your bike/quad revved up. This does not get you out any faster. When leaving the scoring area, do not roost the workers intentionally. Leave in an orderly manner.
  • The scoring tent is not a pit stop. Do not stop within the track of the other racers. Pull off the track completely. Do not have pit crews throw water, hold goggles or pit boards out in this area. This is a NO PIT CREW area.
  • If you hit a scoring official, you will be penalized.
  • No passing before the checkered flag to the scanner. The scanner will score in the order that you crossed the finish line (checkered flag) ONLY. The finish line is considered the place where the flagman is waving the checkered flag and the Finish Line Tower.
  • Once the checkered flag goes out, riders are given a reasonable amount of time to complete their final lap. The amount of time does vary depending on the length of the course. This time will be a minimum of thirty minutes from the time the checkered flag is thrown.
  • A rider may get assistance on the track from their Pit Crew or spectators but must cross the finish line under the bike’s own power or by the rider physically alone.
  • If a rider is towed in from the track by race official, that will be considered the end of your race.
  • If in the referee’s opinion, it is necessary to stop an event after 60 percent of the total distance has been covered, the race may be considered completed. Riders will be scored according to their position on the lap preceding the one before the red flag.
  • Once results are posted, there is only a twenty minute protest period. If there are any problems seen with results, this is the only time that problems will be corrected.
  • Penalties will be assessed by the official only based on the severity of the offense.

Checkpoint Rules:

  • Stop at EACH Checkpoint – Every Lap – unless otherwise stated at Rider’s Meeting.
  • The checkpoint workers will write down your number as seen on the barcode of your helmet.
  • Pull OUT calmly from the check point, do not “roost” workers.
  • The checkpoint is NOT a pit stop. Do not sit in the way of the checkpoint line. If you need medical assistance, let them know and they can get you help.
  • Must stay in single file line, NO PASSING, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.
  • If you pass through the checkpoint, the workers will take your number and a penalty will be given at the end of the race.
  • If you miss a checkpoint, it is deemed as missing that lap; therefore, you will be docked a whole lap of racing, with no time adjustment.
  • If you hit a check point worker, you are penalized.

Trophies/Plaques and Prizes

  • We will only guarantee 5 plaques, then one plaque for every three riders, but in order to receive a plaque, the riders have to make half the laps of the leader in the class.
  • To receive any cash awards for overall positions, you must be registered in the Pro or Expert Class for that event. You must be at least eighteen years of age to receive cash payouts. You must be on the lead lap to receive cash awards.
  • Pro Bike Class will be paid back $800, 500, 300,200,100 for less than 10 pro riders. To receive cash awards, you must be on the lead lap.
  • Pro Quad Class will be paid back $500, 300, $200 for less than 10 pro riders. To receive cash awards, you must be on the lead lap.
  • Pro UTV Class will be paid back $300, $200, 100 for less than 10 pro riders. To receive cash awards, you must be on the lead lap.
  • Expert Class will be paid back $100, 75, and 50 for less than 10 riders. To receive cash awards, you must be on the lead lap.
  • Expert Elite Class will be paid back $100, 75, and 50 for less than 10 riders. To receive cash awards, you must be on the lead lap.
  • Top Three Overall Winners A riders in Amateur race (11:00 a.m.) will be paid $75, 50 30.


  • To receive points, a rider must make at least one lap.
  • Points will be earned in each class per event as follows:
  • 1 – 20 6 – 15 11 – 10 16- 5
  • 2 – 19 7 – 14 12 - 9 17 - 4
  • 3 – 18 8 – 13 13 - 8 18- 3
  • 4 – 17 9 – 12 14 – 7 19- 2
  • 5 – 16 10- 11 15 – 6 20 – 1
  • To be eligible for end-of-year awards, a rider must have completed at least TWELVE of the fifteen events for points. These events must be in the SAME class. UTV must run 6 of the eight events in order to be eligible for end-of-year awards. Class Championships will be decided by the points accumulated in a rider’s best twelve finishes. A rider must have completed at least one lap to receive numerical points for an event. However a DNF does count as an event. Points are based on actual finishing positions at each event.
  • Pro’s and Expert’s class points will be based on best thirteen finishes out of fifteen events. UTV will be based on best six out of eight events.
  • Overall points will be based on best thirteen finishes for the fifteen events. Must run at least TEN races. UTV overall will be based on best six finishes for the eight events. However, a DNF does count as an event.
  • In event of a tie breaker: Whoever has the most first place finishes wins the tie breaker. If first place finishes are tied, it is whoever has the most second place finishes win the tie. If both are tied in second place finishes, or neither have a second place finish, then it is whoever does better at the last event win the tie.
  • For questions regarding the track layout, and mileage, see Buren.