Mid East Racing 

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Yesterday someone said "there hasn't been a day since February that I haven't sweated"!!  How true is that?  It is hard to believe that it is October and still 90 degrees!!!  Who is ready for sweatshirts, bonfires and fall colors?   

Next stop, Harris Bridge.  This is always a fun track, rain or shine, hot or cold.  The track crew will begin working on the track toward the end of this week.  I am estimating that it will be a 10-11 mile loop for the bikes.  As I start getting the mileage together, I will post more information.

Remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Please wear you pink in support of those who are survivors and for those that were lost to this disease.  

I noticed that some of you changed classes this weekend.  I would just like to remind you that once you move up in a class, you cannot move back down.  Just be sure your decision to move is the right one.  

Mideast prides itself on being a family oriented series.  At a previous race we learned after the fact that there were things missing from fellow racers and damage was done to personal property.  This is something that Mideast staff will not tolerate !!!!  If you see something that causes you concern, please let us know at the time so we can address it then and there.  

As you look at the pictures and videos posted on Facebook, please remember to say Thank You to those who took the time to take them and post them for us to enjoy!!  From the different locations I can see in these pictures, these are some brave photographers!!!  Mideast appreciates each and everyone of you who post your pictures for all of us to enjoy!!!!

Would you please take the time each day to remember your fellow racers.  Zach Siegers will have surgery on his collarbone Wednesday, Landon Mays will have surgery on his broken leg Tuesday, Madison Mace is recovering from her crash on Saturday, Colt Moore is sporting a few bruises from this weekend.  Garth Swanda and Cole Rollins could also use our prayers.  Andrew VanAtta messed up his knee and will know more about that situation later this week.  Also, please continue to remember John Huggins, Terry Reeves and Kenneth Stephens as John and Terry recover from surgery and Kenneth prepares for surgery.  I have a special request, the family of George Yount,  George was a friend to many in the racing community and will be sorely missed.

Each day we all do this thing called "Life".  Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is hard and other times it just sucks!   If we are lucky, we get the chance to do it again the next day and hopefully correct any wrongs that we did or said.   No matter what, each day we all have something to be thankful for.

Remember that Online Sign Up is open!  Avoid the lines at registration!!

See everybody October 20th & 21st in Woodruff!!!