Mid East Racing 

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Who would have thought that we would be racing in 90 degree temperatures, dry  and dusty track in September.  Now this weekend we are in the path of a major hurricane.  Mother nature is certainly fickle!

The Stomp will prove to be a great track.  We will be parking under the pine trees this year and parking should not be an issue.  However, I would ask that you park close to your neighbor.  There is enough acreage that we will have different tracks for the motorcycles on Sunday and the Quads on Saturday.  As the track starts to come together, I will post information about it on social media. 

Bear Pen was close racing in just about every race.  There were some real nail biters!  We just completed Round 11 of 16, so you may notice that drops are going to start showing up in your overall totals.

We are beginning to work on 2019 classes, schedule and changes.  If there is something that you would like for the staff to consider, please let us know.  You can send an email to Buren or Sheila.  We will take your requests under advisement .

Please continue to remember Cole Rollins in your thoughts and prayers.  Cole is starting another series of chemotherapy infusions and could use our prayers.  Remember our Military men and women, our police, fire and EMT's that serve to protect us daily,  Thank you for the prayers for Sheila's brother.    Cancer is such an ugly disease and it spares no one from its pain,

When life gets hard, try to remember The life that you complain about is only a dream to some people.

See everyone September 22-23 in Yadkinville!!