Mid East Racing 

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I have been reading the post on Facebook about Pines on Nine...from what I read, it is a love/hate track.  Saturday was rough due to the dust.  However mother nature helped with that on Saturday afternoon and Sunday had perfect track conditions.  

Enola is the next scheduled race.  The dates are July 25-26.  This will be our first race in North Carolina this year and as of right now, we are not sure that will happen.  Covid 19 has definitely made an impact on everyone's lives.  If anything should change, I will post information as soon as I know.  My suggestion is that you just keep watching Facebook and this website for any updates and changes.

Action Offroad is offering a training camp for quads July 16h - 19th at Camp Coker.  There will be several Pro riders onsite offering individual training and tips to those who are there.  For more information abut the camp, please visit www.actionoffroad.com.  

Many of you have asked about the Race Gas credits from Rocky Mountain ATV.  I resubmitted all the rounds again for all the contingencies and Race Gas. I think due to the Covid 19 and workers being furloughed things are behind.  I also know that a couple of riders have received emails about their email address not being the same as prior years.  I ask that you let the ladies in SignUp know your current email if you are not receiving the credits.  

Mideast is so blessed to have the best staff available!!  The track crew works hard during the weeks leading up to the race and all during the weekend to have the safest and best track for you.  When everyone leaves on Sunday, it doesn't end there, Monday and Tuesday are for cleaning up and taking down.   The gate crew work to get you in as soon as possible.   If you have ever had to be treated by the Paramedic's, you know they are top notch!!   Thank you to the ladies in the sign up trailer for doing a great job in getting all the riders entered in a timely manner so we can keep things on time.    However, without you the racer, spectator or pit crew member, Mideast would not be the series that we are.  Thank you for being a part of Mideast!!!

Thank you to all the sponsors and vendors that are there on race weekend!!! The vendors who are there are there because they want to be sure the riders have what they need to succeed.  From parts, riding apparel, suspension, food and support you will find it on vendor row!!  Thank you Sponsors and Vendors!!

Since March I have not spent a lot of time watching the news or reading the headlines.  I find that it has been very disheartening and honestly very depressing.  We live in the United States of America!!  The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!!!   During the 243 years that America has been America, it has not always been smooth sailing.  History has shown us the errors of our ways and also the rewards for hard work.  Let us all remember that history can not be changed or re written, but it can be used to show us how not to make the same mistakes again.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if our opinions are different that doesn't mean that we can't be friends.

Each week Ricky mentions the Mideast prayer list.  This week will you add to that list Melvin Munday. Melvin is the father of Michele Harrison and he is recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Jesse Douglas broke his leg on Saturday.   Brent Beaty, Rock Overstreet, Dustin Beaty, Kendall LaFollette are dealing with injuries or health issues that need our prayer.  Please remember our elected officials, our first responders, especially our Police officers and equally important, each other.  

Life is one big wave, and all we can do is flow, grow  and adapt..

Enjoy your break!!  Safe travels for those going on vacation!!! 

 Remember to:

Practice Social Distancing

 Wear your Mask


Stay at home if you are sick or have been around someone that is or has been sick!!

Let's all do our part to control the spread of this virus!!!  

See everyone in July !!!