Mid East Racing 

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We are three (3) weeks from racing!!!!   Can you believe it!!  It was great to see  and catch up with so many of you at the awards ceremony last weekend.  If you were not there, we will have your awards at the first race of the year.  Just check with us in the sign-up trailer.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the addresses have been added to the schedule on this website.  Buren and staff have been working on the 2 new tracks over the break cutting trails etc.  They are so excited for everyone to see these new venues.  I will post track information when we get close to the dates we are racing there.  Buren has said that it looks like a 20 minute lap at each of the new tracks.  Just remember, these are new tracks so the trails will be tight.  At the new track in Ferguson, The Stampede we will be having a downhill Barbie Car race like we held in the past at Enola.  Start getting those cars together!!!  There will be 3 classes, under 10,  ages 11-16 and over 16.  These were always so much fun to watch!!  

We announced at the awards ceremony that we have added a 50 cc race on Saturday morning for quads.  This race will be at 9:00 a.m. , will be 30 minutes in length and will be for 50 cc quads only!  No DRR or APEX ae allowed in this race.  Ages will be 3-8 .  These riders will also be allowed to race in the Micro Quad race at 10:00 if they want to.    In the Micro race at 10:00, a 4 stroke 70cc can run in the class but not in the 9:00 a.m. race  

Another question that we are asked frequently is about the Strider and StacyC bike races.  We will  be having those again this year.   The race will start after the afternoon Quad race is completed.  On the weekends that we have UTV's it will be after the UTV race.  I will post the time for those races when I post track information during the week.

Please continue to remember Billy Chapman and his family , the family of  C J Herd and  the family of Bentley Mitchem.  All of these families have lost a member of their family in the last few weeks and I know that they would appreciate our continued thoughts and prayers.  Mideast is a family and we all stand together when one of our family is hurting.  Ricky Towery tells us each week on the starting line that "we are a special group of people" and we are because we care for each other.

Online sign up is open if you want to get started on the season early.  

The staff of Mideast is excited for 2023!!  We are anticipating a great year and look forward  to making memories with each of you!

Buren and Sheila