Mid East Racing 

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Catfish Pond was a venue with beautiful views of the mountains, blue skies and a pond with catfish that chose not to bite.   Thank you to Cool Cycle and Marcus for being the host of the tournament.  Jacob Redding was the winner with a 20 lb catch and Creek Trivette was 2nd place winner.  Congratulations!!

Believe it or not we are racing in North Carolina October 3-4!  We will be at Hickory Airport  5255 Pittstown Road!!  Airport is one of the oldest tracks on our schedule and is loved by everyone.  We just got everything moved from Virginia to Hickory today.  Once we start working on the track, I will post updates on mileage, jumps etc.  Please remember that there is NO PARKING OR RIDING on the airstrip!!!!  If you are caught on the airstrip, you will be escorted off the property immediately!!!  This is an active airstrip and planes can and do land there.  Parents it is your responsibility to keep your children off the airstrip.  Parking will be tight, so please park accordingly.

I know that you were looking for drops to be showing in the results this week.  However, since we are counting 12 of the 15 rounds for class points, the drops will not show until after Hickory.  Sorry for the confusion.   Several of the classes are shaping up to be close races.  Just remember that a DNF does count as an event.

As a reminder, no one under the age of 16 can be driving a golf cart!!!   This rule is totally for safety reasons!!  

During the upcoming days, please remember Terry Reeves and John Huggins in your thoughts and prayers. Both are facing surgery in the coming days.  Also continue to remember Tyler MacDonald, Denise Montgomery and Alex Bartlet.  Our elected leaders could use our prayers as well as the first responders, police officers, teachers and students.  

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.  It's what you are made of, not the circumstances.  Just a thought.....

Hope to see everyone in Hickory October 3-4.  Thank you for your support of Mideast!!