Mid East Racing 

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After Chestnut Corner, I can totally understand why we went to two day racing!!  You forget how time becomes your enemy when you are trying to stay on time with 7 different races!!!  Thanks to everyone of you that signed up online !!!  Most important, thank you for your patience with the staff as we tried to keep everything on time.

Horsepower Park is our next stop.  UTV's will race under the lights on Friday night, April 23rd.  The Youth UTV's will race at 7:30 and the Adult UTV's will race at 8;30.   Saturday and Sunday will have the normal schedule.  We will have the Strider/StacyE bikes on Saturday afternoon at approximately 4:30-4:45.   The hill climb will be incorporated into the track.  Buren and crew will start laying out mileage first of  week and I will post that information as soon as they share it with me.

As you walk to the Sign Up trailer, please take the time to visit with the vendors that are there.  Mideast is really blessed to have some of the best vendors around.  Merci Graphics, Cool Cycle, Redline Motorsports, Vanilla Gorilla, Xtereme Cycle, Fat N Sassy, Kenda Tire, Jelly Roll Ice Cream, England's Pit Stop.  These sponsors can help you with just about anything at the track.  Marcus will be at Horsepower Park with Kenda Tires so if you need them, he can definitely give you the hook up.

I have received several calls from riders about  KTM, Husquvarna contingency from 2020.  Scott Harwell has been helping with this and this is where we are at this point.   You as the rider will need to reach out to 

ktmcontingency@brandecation.com and explain that your series results were not posted last year.  If you would like to copy Soott in that email his email is scottharwell@embargmail.com  I will forward all the results from last year to KTM  so they will have them.  The reason for this is due to the change in how the results are being handled through KTM.  In the past, Hookit was the contact for Mideast to send results to, that has changed this year and for some reason, 2020 results did not post.  The results for 2021 have been sent to KTM and you should see them posted.

We are 4 races in and already the conservation needs to be had about pit riding.   There was an incident  at Chestnut Corner involving an injured rider that staff was trying to get to.  A rider on a bike just riding around would not move out of the way for the staff to get to that rider.  As a matter of fact they made an obscene gesture to the staff person.  That will not be tolerated!!!!  Staff could not stop and deal with that rider because the injured rider was much more important!!!!!   We are trying to be tolerate and understanding when there is a hill climb or creek jump that everyone wants to go to, but we are asking that everyone use common sense too.   I really don't want to have to disqualify a rider due to pit riding, but that can and will happen if necessary.  Riders, remember that your pit crew or those with you can cause you to be disqualified if they are pit riding or rude to staff.

Our Mideast prayer list has grown this week.  Please remember Cody Merrill as he recovers from a broken arm, Brayden Ort who broke his ankle, Gavin Guthrie recovering from broken leg, Nate Davis who has shoulder injuries and broken ribs.  Brian Walker as he continues to recover from his accident.  Jason Stewart is improving daily and hopefully we will see him later this year.   Remember Denise Montgomery and her family in the loss of her father, the family of Wesley Gantt who passed away last week.  I know there are others that I am not aware of that need our prayers.  Melanie MacDonald is recovering from Covid and could use our prayers.  All of our elected officials on the local and national level could definitely use our prayers and positive thoughts.

Common sense is now so rare. having it is like having a superpower!!!

See everyone April 23rd -25th at Horsepower Park!!

Thank you for your support of Mideast!!