Mid East Racing 

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There is a reason that Mideast never races in July and Strange's Ranch II reminded me of that once again...HOT!!!!  However 2020 has been far from normal so I guess that should make me feel better about the temperatures this past weekend.

Harris Bridge is our next race for 2020.  As always, once the track crew starts working on the layout, I will post updates as to mileage etc. UTV's will be racing at Harris Bridge.    I understand that many of you are ready to come back to North Carolina to race and I totally understand that.  South Carolina has been very gracious to allow us to race during this pandemic and we will be forever grateful.   Hopefully, we will receive the approval from all the officials in North Carolina soon.

Please remember the rules of social distancing  and hand washing.  These things will help with the spread of Covid 19 .  All of us want to be able to race and enjoy the weekends together.  Let us do our part to help control the spread.

Sunday during the Amateur race, Steve Anthony's bike caught on fire.  Luckily Steve was not injured during the fire.  I would like to thank all those that helped throw dirt on the fire until the staff were able to arrive with fire extinguishers.  Mideast racers truly are family..they yell at each other, talk junk about each other but in the end stand up for each other and have each other's back.....Family!!!

Just as a friendly reminder, please do not cross the track during the start of a race!!!   There are times when a bike or quad doesn't start on first kick and the rider takes off after the others on his row have already gone.  You never know when that will happen and spectators in or on the track can be in a very dangerous situation.  The tape is placed on the track to keep spectators safe, please do not lift it up or take it down to cross the track during the start.

Each and every day is a blessing, even when we feel discouraged and beat down, we are blessed.  Please remember Alex Barlett as he heals from a broken foot,  Shane Lenning healing from a broken collarbone, Denise Montgomery , Dustin Beaty, Brent Beatty healing from shoulder surgery, Collin Truett and I am sure there are others in our Mideast family who need our prayers.  Please pray for our country, our President, elected officials, our first responders, our teachers and the students as they prepare to start back to school.  These are very unique times that we are living in,   I fear that we are in the new normal and we all have adjustments to make, so be kind to those around you.

Thank you to our sponsors and vendors that are at each race!!   We appreciate all that you do for Mideast and its riders.  Jared with SR1 and Marcus with Cool Cycle are there at each round to help with suspension problems or replace that pair of gloves you left at home.  Tony can change a tire as fast as a Nascar Pit Crew to get you back out on the track doing what you love, racing.  Please let them know that you appreciate them and their support of Mideast.

Good works do not make a good man,  but a good man does good works.  Spoken by Martin Luther King.

Look forward to seeing everyone August 8-9 in Woodruff!!