Mid East Racing 

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Summertime and the living is easy.....that is if you are a kid out of school!   

History was made on June 29th with the last race at The Stomp.  The conditions were perfect both on and off the track.  If you were not able to race this last race, you missed one of the best tracks of the year.  

Racing as is any sport is one that is built on competition.  It takes a team to accomplish a win, not just the racer or player.  A team is needed to get you prepared for your "day in the sun."  Imagine if you did not have that team...that trainer, mechanic or driver to and from the track, that person or family with you to cheer you on.    It would be very hard to keep your mind focused on the win.  That is true with Mideast also.  In my opinion, we have the best track crew and staff of any series.  Each of the staff puts their whole heart into each weekend to create an event that will be enjoyed by everyone.  We know without a shadow of a doubt that we can not make everyone happy.  We also know that there are some situations that are totally out of our control, but we continue to put forth our best efforts.  Not everyone will like every track.  Some people enjoy tight, technical tracks, some don't.  At my age, I realize that I can't make everyone happy, it is what it is.  Not only does the land itself play a huge part, but the weather is a major player too.   Our landowners know that Mideast will race rain or shine when we negotiate the contract.

Speaking of Facebook, if you post an item for sale on the Mideast page and it sells, please go back and delete it from the page.    Sheila tries to keep up with things that have been on Facebook for quite sometime and will delete them.  She also deletes items that are not relative to racing, for example washer/dryer, toys etc

As you enjoy your summer break, please continue to remember the Mideast prayer  list.  Trevor Bollinger as he continue to heal from shingles, Mike Norman healing from a broken neck,  Travis Eunson who has camcer,  Haile Fowler, Buddy Jenkins and I know there are some that I am missing.  Please say a special pray for Jordan Freeman who is battling cancer.  She is currently undergoing her second round of chemo.  Cancer sucks!!  Pray for our leaders, military personnel, police and fire departments, EMT personnel.  As Ricky would say, just say the Mideast Prayer List if you can't remember everyone's name.  

I hope that each of you have a fabulous summer break!!  Safe travels to and from your destinations.  Get in seat time, August will be here before you know it!!  First race back is Enola.  I will be posting information about the track once I get started on it.  No, I will not promise 11 or 12 miles at this time but I will utilize ever possible acre that I can to make a good track.  

"Some people live in a bitter, angry, hate-filled world.  Some people live in a friendly, caring, love-filled world.  Same world...."  Jose N Harris

See you in August!!