Mid East Racing 

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Chestnut Corner did not disappoint...it was not dust but mud this year.   All the adults should really give kudos to the Micro Quads and PeeWee's for knocking the water out of the track for you.  

We will be at Charner's Run on June 6 & 7th.  The property joins to the Deer Haven track which is where the first race of the season was.  I have several different things in mind for this track and will keep you posted once I start working on it.

Thank you for abiding by the "rules" that we have had to implement.  I know that it is hard for all of us to make changes, we are creatures of habit.  It has really been a big help for all of you that have taken advantage of online signup.  That has helped tremendously by keeping the line down at signup!  Online sign up also helps us keep the races on time.  Thank you for also printing off your forms and bringing your own pen!!   I really think this is the new norm so we all better start adjusting.  

I know that everyone appreciates all the pictures and videos that are posted form the races each week.  When you share them, please take a minute to thank Madison MacDonald, Kristen Moore, Ray Newton, Stacey Bryant and Tim Weatherman for their talents.  These people are dedicated to getting the best photographs possible for everyone to enjoy.  Not to mention they put themselves in some crazy places on the tracks to get the best shots!!

Also when you are WALKING to and from signup, to the starting line and finish lines, please take the time to thank the vendors that are there.  They come to the races to be of assistance to you with parts, suspension or apparel needs.  Others are there to make sure you can get a cold drink, hot sandwich or icee.  Let them know that you appreciate them too.

These are definitely craze times that we are living in.  Many states are beginning to open back up but still have restrictions on many daily activities.  Please remember to do you part in helping to control the spread of Covid-19.  Vacation time is approaching and we all want to be able to enjoy our trips without fear of getting sick.  

Each day we all have so many things to be thankful for.  Every morning that our eyes open  we are receiving a blessing.   During your day, please remember the Mideast prayer list.  Dustin Beaty, John Haltwinger, Ricky Russell, Ricky Towery and I am sure there are others that we don't know by name.   Remember our elected leaders. the militiary, police and fire personnel , doctors, nurses and all medical personnel.   Also, please remember your friends and neighbors who may have been furloughed due to Covid 19, our kids who are not getting to be with their friends, the teachers.   Be thankful for each day that you are given, it can change on a dime.

Jimi Hendrix once said... Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.   Think about that.. 

Hope to see everyone June 6-7th in Union!!  Until then remember:

1.  Practice social distancing

2.  Wash your hands

3.  If you are sick, please stay at home.  If you are running a temperature stay at home. If you have a cough 

    stay at home!

4. DON"T PANIC!!!  We are all in this together and we will get through it .  One day at a time!!

5.  Stop hording toilet paper and lysol!!!