Mid East Racing 

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Mideast has received a call from the Director of Emergency Management of Burke county.  He has told Mideast that we would not be allowed to hold the event in Burke county this weekend.  

Since Saturday when the Governor of North Carolina issued an order prohibiting crowds of 100 from gathering, we have been working diligently on what to do.  We looked at moving the race to South Carolina and felt that would be a viable move.  However, the President within the last hour has issued an order requesting that no more than 10 people gather.  The Governor of South Carolina has issued an order requesting that 100 or more people not gather.  Mideast would be faced with a fine and possible jail time if we go ahead with this event.

In the history of Mideast, we have never had to cancel an event due to government order.  I apologize for the inconvenience .  The health and well being of our race family is very important to Mideast.

If you have signed up online, your entry will carry forward to the next race.  As of right now, the next race we will have is at Horsepower Park on April 10th & 11th.   This race will be rescheduled!!!  We will still have 15 events this year.

During this time of uncertainty, please remember your Mideast family in your thoughts and prayers, our leaders, our county.  More than ever, we need to be united as one.

Thank you for your support of Mideast!!!  We appreciate each and everyone of you.  Please keep safe and DON"T PANIC!!!!!