Mid East Racing 

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Round 2 of Mideast held a little bit of something for everyone...sun, blue skies, a small amount of dust for UTV's, clouds, rain and least I forget..mud.  Once again luck was on our side as it didn't start to rain until midway of the Pro bike race.  However in true Mideast fashion, we finished the race.

Enola is the next stop for the 2019 season.  I have been thinking about how the track will flow this year.  The decision has been made to not run the hills in the parking lot but to add more mileage in the woods.  There will be a separate track for the ATV's.  My plan is an eleven (11) mile loop for the bikes.  Not sure yet for the youth bikes and quads but I will be sure to let you know the week of the event.

KTM will be doing a demo day at the Enola hare scramble.  There is a informational flier about the event on the website.   Make time during the day on March 23 to stop by the KTM tent, talk to Sam Chalk and Scott Harwell .  If you sign up for the demo rides, you will receive a parts/power wear card .

At the Enola race, we will have a new vendor, MIGHTY RINSE  Leave the muck with us!!  Brent Hager is going to have a system where you will be able to wash the mud/dirt off your bike before you load up to travel home.  It is my understanding that he will have both hot and cold water. There will be a nominal charge for this service but I'm sure it will be worth it!!  Let's show our support and hopefully in the near future he will be able to offer the service on Saturday also.   He will be on vendor row so be sure to check him out!!

This year we have added several different classes to both bikes and quads.  Just wanted to remind everyone that Trailriders, Unlimited Sportsman, Sportsman B/C and Sportsman A are non points paying classes.  You will not be receive class points for these classes.  I have been asked about how many races you must run for year end awards , 12 of the 16 events except for Pro and AA classes, you must run 14 of the 16 events to be recognized for year end awards.

Mideast has been awarded contingency from Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, and Kawasaki.  You can view the rules and the way to sign up for your contingency on the Contingency page.  Click on the MORE tab, open contingency click on the brand you are applying for and you should be directed to the correct site.  Also once again this year, we are participating in the Rocky Mountain Gas Card  Program.  You will receive cards for 12 events during the year.  If we do not have your email, you will not receive credit for that event.  Email is a requirement from Rocky Mountain.

As you go through the next few weeks, please remember Devin Drewery as he recovers from his injury, Chad Lindsey, our local firefighters, paramedics, police personnel and our elected officials.  If you listen or read the news, you will see/read about the turmoil in our country.  There is only one way for healing to come to this country and that is through the power of prayer.  Pray for safe travels for those traveling to Florida and Georgia for the GNCC .  Good luck to those who are racing!!!

Everything that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.. think about that

See everybody March 23 & 24 in Morganton!!  Thank you for your support of Mideast!!  Remember to check out the sponsors listed on this page, they are here for you!!