Mid East Racing 

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Welcome 2019 Mideast Race Season!!!!  What a way to kick things off....cold, rain and muddy.  Now that we have had our mud race, hopefully we have fulfilled the requirements for 2019.  There is a saying that if you want different weather everyday, move to the South and I totally agree with that.  Where else could you have nice 70 degree weather first of the week and 30 degree weather at the end.

We will be at Harris Bridge in two weeks.  This track is always a good track no matter the weather.  Track crew will start working on getting mileage and new sections added this week.  I will let you know as the week progresses how many miles will be available for your riding pleasure.

Thank you to the AMA East Hare Scramble for being a part of Pines on Nine.  Many of their riders traveled to South Carolina from up North and got to experience the hospitality of the Mideast family.   If you visit the AMA East Hare Scramble website, they have posted several videos from this weekend's race.   First race of the season always presents a few challenges for everyone.  We apologize for not be able to stay on time but we had to get everyone out of the woods before we started the next race.  Again, hopefully we have gotten that out of the way for 2019 also.

This weekend we had a rider that broke his femur.  It took quite some time to get him out of the woods due to the location he was in on the track.  Thank you for slowing down when you came upon the EMT's working with him in the woods.  Thank you to the rider that stopped and stayed with him until our paramedic could reach him.  I have said it many times and I will say it again, Mideast has some of the best riders in the country!!  Mideast is family and it shows in times like this weekend.  Devin had surgery on his leg Sunday and he should make a complete recovery.  I know that he and his family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as he heals from his injury.  This year there is a First Aid tent at all the events.  If a rider is injured on the track and doesn't require transport to the hospital they will be brought to this location.   The tent will be located near Registration and will also have basic first aid items available if needed,

Results are posted .  In order to view them you will need to click the 2018 result tab.  The computer person who handles the archiving of 2018 results has not done it yet.  We have contacted him and asked that he please get that taken care of .. Hopefully the issue will be resolved within the next day or two.  Again, first race of the year issues.

Please continue to remember Devin Drewery, Cole Rollins and the father of Trenton Greene.  Trenton is new to the Mideast family and his father has had a pretty rough time of it.  I know that he appreciates our prayers.  Also please remember Renee Holmes who worked with us for a few races last year as she is battling cancer.

"Even a single thread of hope is a powerful thing.  Grab hold of it with both hands and never let go."  Thought this was worth sharing with you.

Good luck to all of the Mideast riders going to Big Buck this weekend!!  Prayers for safe travel !!

Thank you for your support of the Mideast Series!!!   You are appreciated more than you know!

See you March 2nd and 3rd at Woodruff!!!