Mid East Racing 

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THE 2020 RACE SEASON IS COMPLETE!!!!   When we started the 2020 season in February I don't think any of us could have, even in our wildest dreams imagined how this year would play out!!!  The original calendar was planned with 15 races and we managed to get all 15 events in!!!  

A final decision has not been made on the banquet as of now.  There have been several different ideas sent to us and we have discussed several different ideas but have not reached a final decision.  One of the main points that we are facing is a finding a location that we can have more than 50 people indoors at one time, legally.  Holding the event outdoors is an iffy thing in the month of January due to the weather.  As soon as we reach a decision, I will post something on this website and on Facebook.

If you won first place in your class, please send Sheila your jacket size.  You can send it via messenger or email sheilaparker013@gmail.com. She would really prefer that you send it to her instead of calling as it is easier for her to keep up with it.

We have received several messages about the schedule for 2021.  We have the dates but not the places.
These dates are subject change!!!  As you know, Mideast will never race on the weekends that GNCC races.

RD 1    Feb 13-14
RD 2   Feb 27-28
RD 3   Mar 20-21
RD 4   April 3
RD 5   April 23-25
RD 6   May 15-16
RD 7   May 29-30
RD 8   Jun 12-13
RD 9   Aug 21-22
RD 10  Sept 4-5
RD 11  Sept 18-19
RD 12  Oct 2-3
RD 13  Oct 16-17
RD 14  Nov 6-7 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE TENTATIVE DATES!!!!   We will be meeting with the landowners the first of the week and hopefully we can button up the locations.

I would like to to take the opportunity to say thank you to each and every rider, spectator of Mideast.  You are the reason that we do what we do.  In my opinion, Mideast has the best staff of any Series around.  From the staff at the gate, the track crew, scoring, sign up, paramedics, announcers, tee shirt tent, these are the backbone of Mideast.  Just about every employee of Mideast has a full time job  that they work all week and then they give up their weekend to help keep Mideast on time.  Thank you staff!!!

During this time of Thanksgiving please remember to give thanks for all the blessings that you enjoy on a daily basis.  Continue to remember Justin Gibbs in your thoughts and prayers as he heals from surgery on his shoulder, Joe Dean has he heals from a broken leg, Taylor Baird as she continues to heal from a broken shoulder.  Our country and leaders definitely need prayers.  Our teachers, students, medical professionals , police officers and fire personnel.

Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance your must keep moving.