Mid East Racing

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It is so hard to believe that we are two races from the end of the year.   The ladies in the sign up trailer will be looking for sizes from the top 5 in each class beginning at Hickory this weekend.

Hickory is Hickory as far as the track is concerned.   Last year the track was 6.5 miles and I have plans to do the same this year.  As you know, parking is TIGHT at Hickory.  Once again, we are asking you to love your neighbor and park close.  I will once again paint lines in the parking lot and ask that you park within them.

Once again, I must address pit riding.   We have been having issues with people on 4 wheelers and morotcycles riding after dark.  THIS MUST STOP!!!!   I could call names but do not wish to do that.    From a safety issue it is very dangerous when it is getting dusty dark, people can't see you and you can't see things in the fields or on the roads that can cause you to have an accident.  More important is the fact that it is common courtesy to those who wish to go to bed and get a good night's sleep.  Parents, please help us with this as we wish to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your support of the Mideast series!!!  Thank you for remembering your fellow riders who are recovering from injuries and going through major illness.  It is so nice to have the prayers and support of friends during those times.

See you at Hickory !!