Mid East Racing 

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Humidity......the amount of water vapor in the air.  Can we all agree that Sunday the humidity was 100%!!!  It was unreal for sure!!  Positive side, there was no rain until after the race was over and everyone but the track crew had left.  Then we had a frog choker!!!!

Welborn Farms is always such a fun weekend for the families.  There is the pond, there is fishing, there are good friends....great memories.  Track crew will start the first of the week working and I will give you an update on mileage and "Buren's" challenge.  In years past, the track has been 8 miles so I will figure atleast that, maybe more.  Remember this is the last race before summer break, so I will make the track as long as possible.

Lets talk about sandbagging and cutting the track.  Both of those topics come up on a weekly basis, sometimes daily basis, to Sheila and I.  We try to catch the sandbaggers and move them to the appropriate class but it is impossible to please everybody.  This is racing, a competition and to improve, you need to push yourself , move from the comfort zone.  Cutting the track is totally different.  Sometimes a rider will cut the track in error other times they just cut to get ahead.  Rules allow you 20 feet variance in the track but not 30 feet.  Lifting banners/ribbons and going under them is not allowed!!!  If you exit the track, you must re-enter where you came off, unless you are towed in by a track crew member.  In that case, you should re-enter the track at the scoring tent.  Due to the fact that we are getting so many complaints about track cutting, we will be putting extra personnel around the track at upcoming events to help eliminate this problem.  

As you move through your day, please remember those in our racing family who are healing from their injuries.  Robert Whitock, Brandon Gill, Justin Lane, Thomas Wilson, Evan Earl.  This is just a few of the Mideast family who could use your prayers.  I would ask that you offer a special prayer for Doug Cook, the father of Brian Cook.  Doug has fought a courageous battle of cancer but is getting tired.  Please remember Doug and his family as they face the next phase of this dreaded disease.  Also, remember the mother of Christy Huggins who has recently been in the hospital. She is home now but still has a few tests to go through so all medications can be adjusted properly.  Trevor and Amanda Connell recently welcomed Adalyn Brooke Connell into this world.  Adalyn is a perfect baby with an imperfect heart.  At 3 weeks she has already had heart surgery.  Special prayers for Trevor, Amanda and Adalyn. Don't mean to over power everyone but I do believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the power of numbers lifting up prayer too.

Hope to see everybody at Welborn Farms June 2 & 3!!  Bring your bathing suit, your racing machine, your friends and family, your can do attitude and have a fantastic time!!!

Protect your energy..negative people and things will deplete your positivity.

See you June 2 & 3rd!!!!