Mid East Racing 

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We are now officially half way through the 2016 season!   I am sure while we are on summer break that you will be getting in seat time as there appears to be some close class races for the second half of the season.

Please mark your calendars for the Cleveland County Pro/Am on July 15 & 16 at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.  This will something different than what we normally run at the Mideast races. There will be a mixture of woods, asphalt, motocross, enduro cross  and all this will equal a fun fast lap.  I have already been working on it and have laid out some of the woods.  On Saturday night, we will be having a Pit Bike race with a Pro Pay out of $300, $200 and $100.  Pit bike races are always fun to watch and prove to bring a smile to your face.

Camping with hook ups is available through the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.  Call 704-487-0651 to reserve a spot.  You can email tammy@ccfair.net also.   There is a $50 charge for the weekend for the area with hook ups.  There will be no generators allowed in those areas.  If you prefer primitive camping, the cost is $20 for the weekend.  There are 4 showers available at the fairgrounds for our use.

We must abide by the rules of the Cleveland County Fairgrounds for the weekend that we are there.  There will no NO PIT RIDING ALLOWED!!!!.  The only time that you can ride your bike/quad is to and from the start gate.  ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING will be allowed.  

Online sign up is available for the Cleveland County Pro Am.  Just click the Pre-Entry link, follow instructions and you will be ready to race.  Remember that you will go to the start based on how you sign up.  The sooner you sign up, the better your staging position will be.

Many of  you will be graduating this weekend or have recently graduated from high school or college.  CONGRATULATIONS!!   The Mideast family salutes you on your accomplishments and wishes for you the brightest future possible!!    O the places you will go.......

This summer as you are enjoying vacation time with your family and friends, please continue to remember those who are not as fortunate as you.  We have riders who are recovering from injuries and battling illness, please continue to remember them, Gavin Guthrie, Blake Bowman, Garth Swanda, Joe Mikels, Nick Vassey, Prestin Raines are a few that come to mind.    Our prayers are heard no matter how long or short, they are all heard and answered.

For those of you traveling to the GNCC races, drive careful!!  We wish each of you good luck and a safe ride!!

Enjoy your vacation!!

See you July 16 & 17th!!!!