Mid East Racing 

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Antioch was a great race!  This was the 7th year that we have held this event on this weekend at Antioch and I think it has rained one time.  Every other time has been dusty.   They only exception to this was when we held a winter race there in December and it snowed!!!   One extreme to the other.

Carolina Adventure World is our next race.  We will begin working on it next week.  I will have a longer than normal quad track and UTV track considering that it is so open.  Bikes will be approximately 9 miles.  Once I get there an actually start the track prep, I will let you know.  Remember you can call to Carolina Adventure World and reserve a cabin or parking spot with power.  These are offered on first come first serve basis.

Mideast is blessed to have some of the best riders in the world that race with us and we appreciate each of you very much.  Mideast riders treat everybody like family and make the new riders feel welcome.  Thank you for being who you are.  I just want to say that the courtesy extended off the track should carry over to the track and race itself,  I know that in the heat of racing that things can be said or done that is not your normal behavior.  Just remember that we are here to have FUN !!  Very few of us are racing for anything other than points and we are here to have FUN!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the staff of Mideast who work so hard to put the race together and make it happen on the weekend.  Terry  Reeves does an awesome job announcing during the day and calling attention to the vendors.  Scoring trailer, Ricky  and Lucas Towery, John and Christy Huggins are the ones who make sure that you are recognized tor your hard work on the track!!  Sign up trailer is Rita Jeffers , Angie Reeves and Lynn Towery.  Rita and Angie also help out in the scoring trailer during the bike races.  Lynn does a wonderful job of reading your writing on the entry forms.  Just remember if your name is spelled wrong, maybe we couldn't read your writing,  Track crew Billy Chapman aka Trail Boss, Buddy Jenkins, Mr 10 Seconds, Jason Osborne, Kenneth Stephens, Joe Laws, Robby Towery, Eric Welch, Dean Butler and Charlie Blanton.  These guys work hard all week at their "real " jobs and give up their weekends to help make Mideast what it is.  You are greeted by Jan and Rock Overstreet with the help of Carl Patrick.  Debbie and Cameron Taylor are there to help you fix you up when you have that crash in the woods.  When you see these guys/girls let them know that you appreciate all they do .

Remember to support the sponsors of Mideast!  They are there for you and offer special deals for Mideast riders on their websites,  You can get links to their websites by clicking on their name at the bottom of this page.

I hope that everyone enjoyed Easter with their families.  May we all be thankful everyday for the  many blessings that are bestowed on us.   For the many riders traveling to GNCC this  weekend, Good Luck and safe travels!!  Also, remember to share a smile or kind word everyday.  You never know whose day you may make by offering that one free act of kindness,

Thank you again for your support of Mideast!!

See you at the races!!!