Mid East Racing

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We are one week from the 2015 season starting.  Just wanted to cover a few things.

FLY Racing is our new sponsor this year.  The have given us FLY bucks that we will be giving out at each race for hole shot awards.  There will be $300 per race given out in FLY bucks.  You will be able to use them toward purchases of FLY apparel at any dealer selling FLY merchandise.

We will be holding practice on Saturday.  You must be signed up to race!!!!   The PeeWee will start at 12:00 and go for 30 mintues, Youth Quads, 12:30, Youth Bikes 1:00, Bikes 1:30 Quads 2:00.  Rotation will start again at 2:30 with the PeeWee riders.  We will have 2 practices for each group.   The cost of practice is $10.00.

On Line Sign Up is available for those of you wishing to avoid the lines at sign up on Sunday.  You will still come to the sign up trailer to get your stickers and sign the entry form.  if you do not have a transponder, you will have to purchase one at that time.  They are $5.00 and are good for the entire race year.  Everybody will need a transponder in order to get scored.


Just a note on the track.  Remember that we are racing in sand, rain doesn't hurt.   My plan is to  lay out roughly a ten mile loop for you with a variety of everything.  There is plenty of parking so come on Saturday night and enjoy seeing your race family.

Please continue to remember those in our race family who are sick or struggling with various problems.  Pray is a powerful tool that we each can use.

Safe travels for everyone!!  See you this weekend at HRD Complex.