Mid East Racing

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Dust bowl 2015 was held at Carolina Adventure World on Sunday May 17th.   It has been quite sometime since we have had to deal with dust like that.  After the rain fest in Morganton, I have been careful for what I asked for.

I know that some of you are upset with the Youth Bike race and having to restart it.   After the first lap, we had over 30 riders that had not made it around to scoring due to missed arrows or tape that had been knocked down.  The staff tries so hard to make sure that everything is marked properly and that tape is tied securely to trees or log, however that was not the case on Sunday.  In fairness to everyone, I made the decision to restart the race.  In all the years that I have promoted races, this is the first time that I have ever red flagged a race, and I hope it will be my last.

Hopefully the track at Hickory Grove will make up for all the woods that you feel you missed at Carolina Adventure World.  The landowner of this facility host mud bogs several times a year and has plenty of level parking.   I think that you will enjoy the layout that I have planned.  Track crew have already been working on cutting trails and making jumps for you.  Yes, I will utilize the mud bogs that are there and a hill climb will be incorporated into the layout. 

If you missed getting a plaque at one of the previous events, just ask the ladies in the sign up trailer to give you one.    Also there have been questions concerning the results changing from the track until they are posted on the website.  We try to handle all protests at the track the day of the event, however if we notice a rider turning a faster lap than the Pros, a rider being placed in the wrong class due to our error, a rider given credit for more laps than they ran, we will make that adjustment before the results post to the website.

Please remember Jerry Ledford in your prayers as he continues his battle with cancer.  Also, remember those riders who have been injured as they recovery from those injuries.

To all the Mideast riders traveling to the GNCC in West Virginia, we wish you safe travels and good luck!!

Thank you for your support of the Mideast series.  We appreciate each and every rider, spectator and follower very much.

See you May 31st!!