Mid East Racing

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There is a saying that says "April showers bring May flowers."  If that is true then May should be a beautiful month for flower gardens!!  According to the weatherman, we had 2.6 inches of rain on Sunday and I really think that it was more than that.  By the looks of the riders coming off the track, you all looked like you were having mud facials.   Jim Plummer was offering paddle boat rides in Lake Buren, but he had no takers.

Our next race will be in Woodruff at Harris Bridge.  This is always a good track with lots of different challenges.   Parking is never a problem and hopefully we will have dry weather to race in.  The track crew will begin work on the track next Monday and we will keep you posted on the anticipated mileage.

We have finally got the problem resolved with the program and the points are now posted.  I apologize for the inconvenience but hopefully we have the glitch worked out.   

The transponders seem to be working and we are correcting any glitches.  There are some of you who are having problems with your transponder reading and we replace the transponder at Harris Bridge .   Please remember if you purchase two transponders, you have to let sign up know which helmet you are using and the number on the transponder or you will not be scored

Congratulations to Michelle Munday and Calvin Harrison on their marriage Saturday at the Rockhouse!!  They were able to "tie the knot" before the rains started.

Please keep Jerry "wildman"  Ledford in your thoughts and prayers.   He is battling cancer and needs our prayers.  He had hoped to be able to come to the race this past weekend to "start one more time" but the weather was too bad for him to be out.   Hopefully he will be able to come to Harris Bridge.

Thank you for your support of the Mideast series!!  We appreciate each and everyone of you!  At the Rockhouse this past weekend we had new racers from Virginia racing with us.  They told us that it was a very humbling experience when people that they did not know talked to them like they had known them for years and offered to help when they had problems on the track.   We told them that is how our riders are, welcoming everyone to our family.

Hope everyone is taking advantage of the FLY Bucks they have received at the races.   You should be receiving your Rocky Mountain Gift cards soon.  Remember these are sent to the address on your entry form, so be sure that you write legible.

See you May 3rd at Harris Bridge!!