Mid East Racing 

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And just like that we are half way through the 2018 race season!!.  It is hard to believe that we only have six more race before the end of the year.  Time flies!!!

When we come off break, we will be in Morganton at Enola.  As we get closer to the start of the second half of the year, I will let you know what is going on with the track.  Over the break, I will begin work on the new track in Hickory Grove which I will share with you closer to time of the event.

Mideast has many riders who race with other series.  Just want to caution everyone again to be sure that you signed up in the same class with each series.  Remember, if you ride an A class in one series, you must ride an A class with Mideast.  All results are sent to AMA after each race and they verify that riders are riding in the appropriate classes.  If you are riding an age class, that is taken into consideration.  Example, Schoolboy is an age class not an A, B or C class.  Word of warning, if you are caught riding our of class, you will be disqualified and forfeit any points earned.  

There have been some concerns about not receiving AMA cards after you purchase them at the track.  We have contacted AMA and they tell us that they are behind and will have the cards sent out as soon as possible.  I know that it is a pain, but until you receive your card from AMA, you will have to keep up with the receipt given to you when you signed up.

During your summer break, please continue to remember your race family,.  Please so a special pray for Doug Cook, father of Bryan Cook.  Cancer is such a wicked disease.  Remember Justin Lane, Brandon Gill, Briana May,  Michael Lowman, Robert Whitlock, Evan Earl  these are just a few of our riders who are recovering from injuries or surgeries.  Also remember the mother of Christy Huggins as she prepares for surgery in the upcoming weeks.  Brent Shaffer and his wife are expecting twin girls soon as would definitely appreciate prayers for a continued good pregnancy and safe delivery of those precious babies.  Above all else, share a smile, open a door for someone, pay it forward at the drive thru.  You random act of kindness may just save someone's life...you never know what others are going through,.  Don't judge unless you have walked in the other person shoes.   "Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind.  But great actions speak to all mankind."  Spoken by Theodore Roosevelt

Summer is the time that we travel to visit family, go to the beach, mountains, amusement parks and other fun places.  Please travel safe!!!  Watch out for the other drivers!!  Enjoy your time of relaxation!!!

Thank you for your support of Mideast!!!  You are very much appreciated!!!