Mid East Racing

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Welcome back to the second half of the 2014 season!  Mother nature blessed us with a nice rain on Saturday afternoon and a light mist of rain on Sunday morning.  The track was slick early but when the quads were racing on Sunday afternoon, there was dust.   The good thing was that the rain on Saturday afternoon made the temperature a little more bearable.

Speaking of rain, that is the reason that we did not have the scoring display board on Sunday.  The computers were sitting in the trailer, the rain blew in and one of them got wet.  This will all be corrected by the September 14 race at Harris Bridge.  There was also an issue with the computer in scoring that affected both the afternoon bikes and the quads.  Lap times were lost for the bikes and scoring was delayed for the quads.  We apologize for these issues but assure you that all of the issue will be resolved by September 14th.

This is a subject that we have addressed on several occasions and we are going over it once again.   Mideast prefers no pit riding.  However, people continue to pit ride.  If you do pit ride, you must stay in 1st gear.  It was brought to our attention that there was an accident involving a rider and child this weekend due to pit riding.  

I don't know that the child was injured but I'm sure it was a scare for all involved.  If you are going to ride, please be aware of others!  Safety is very important to us and we hope that you feel the same.

Our next race is on September 14th  in Woodruff, SC.  This track is one of the favorites of the Mideast riders. Rain or shine, it is a good due to sandy bottoms.   

Please continue to remember all of your fellow riders who are battling sickness and injuries.  I know that they appreciate your prayers.  

See you on September 14th in Woodruff!!