Mid East Racing 

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Earlier in the week I received an email asking me "how is the track at Welborn Farms going to be since we have had so much rain."  My response was "awesome, track will be perfect"   I can honestly say that the track was perfect, not muddy nor was it dusty,  However, it was HOT and HUMID!!   The joys of racing in August.  

It is hard to believe that we have completed 8 rounds of racing, we have 6 left for the year.   Many of you have asked about year end awards,  To qualify for year end awards, you must run 10 of the 14 events.  These must be in the same class.   Pro and AA riders must run 12 of the 14 to qualify for awards.  Just want to be sure that everyone is aware of the rule now.

Remember,  f you race in another series, GNCC, NCHSA, SETRA, VCHSA, you MUST RUN THE SAME CLASS in Mideast!!!  There is no exception to this rule.  Example, if you run A in NCHSA, you must run A in Mideast.  If you run the other series Pro or Expert classes, you must run A in Mideast.  We have had this happen several times this year and we just want to make sure everyone remembers the rule.  

In my opinion, Mideast has some of the best riders in the country!!   Each of you train and work hard to compete in these races.   At the riders meeting the staff tries to describe the track to you as best as we can.  One thing that we tell you constantly is to "follow the arrows".   For those of you who know me from GNCC, that is one of my favorite sayings.  Guys, just stay on the track as it is marked, Follow the Arrows!! 

Our next race is at Walnut Grove in Hickory Grove South Carolina.   This is the second year we have visited this facility.   Terrain is challenging, it will have a little bit of everything for you to ride.   There will be plenty of level parking in the bottoms of the property.   UTV's will race on Saturday after the Quad!!  This is always a fun thing to watch so make plans to come cam,p and enjoy the weekend!!

During the day when you are giving thanks for all the blessings that you are given, please take the time to lift up your fellow riders who are dealing with various injuries.    Zach Wright and Vance Earl both lost close family members recently,  Trevor Barrett is dealing with a  health issue, Landen Wray and Brody Johnson  are recovering from their injuries .  I'm sure there are several more  that I failed to mention, but we need all need prayer  each  and every day.  No man is an island....

Thank you for your support of the Mideast Hare Scramble Series!!  It is great to have such a large family of friends in my life!!!

See you at Walnut Grove on August 27th & 28th!!