Mid East Racing 

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What an opening round for 2018!!!  Thank you to the Mideast family for making the riders and spectators from East Coast Hare Scramble feel welcome. 

As with every first round, there were glitches in the system.  We have changed the process of registration and hopefully it will be faster and easier at the next race.  There were quite a few issues with transponders not being read through scoring or read incorrectly.  The system is set up to read ONE transponder off your helmet.  If you have a transponder from another series that looks like the type that we use, you will need to take it off your helmet.  Don't put the transponder over the top of another transponder as the system doesn't read it correctly.  If you have a carbon fiber helmet, please place the transponder behind the front number plate of your bike or behind the bark buster, just do not put it on metal.  Everyone can bring their helmets with them to registration and we can check to see if they are reading correctly or if we need to make changes.  On the subject of transponders, they are assigned to a rider not a class.  Do not allow another rider to wear your helmet with your transponder on it unless you change the number of the transponder assigned to you.  

There were long lines at sign up all day Saturday and again on Sunday.,  Online sign up is open now for every race this year.  It is a quick process to complete.  After signing up on line, you will go to the ONLINE SIGN UP line at registration, pick up your envelope and go enjoy your day.  As a reminder, online sign up does close on Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. as Sheila travels to the tracks on Friday.  

You will need to bring your AMA card with you to registration each time you sign up.  If you have not received your card from AMA yet, you will need to bring the receipt that was given to you at the track or the letter from AMA that will have your number on it.

I have received several emails and phone calls over the past few days about riders being in the wrong class or riding a machine that is not the right CC's for that class.  We cannot go back and penalize a rider for improper equipment 24 hours after the race.  If you see that someone is riding the wrong size bike or wheel size, tell a race official at that time.  We try to be fair in all that we do but we can't be everywhere at the same time.

The rules of Mideast state that their is a 30 minute protest period after the race ends.  We will be adhering to that rule this year in hopes of avoiding mistakes on our part and making sure that the riders are aware of the place they finished.  The protest period will start once Sheila has posted the results at the Sign Up trailer.

Our next event is March 3-4 in Gaston South Carolina at GTR Complex.  The terrain is sandy so rain or shine we should have a great race.  There is plenty of level parking at this facility as well as bathhouses and restrooms.  I will post later next week about the length of the tracks.

The world that we are living in is full of hatred and evil as is evidenced by the school shootings, bullying and other violent acts.  Please remember our law enforcement workers, fire and rescue workers that protect us each and everyday.  Keep your fellow riders in your thoughts and prayers each day.    Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.  Also try to react positively!

Thank you for your support of Mideast!!!  Looking forward to seeing you at the races!!