Mid East Racing 

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And that is a wrap......2017 Mideast Hare Scramble race season is officially over.  This has been a good year for many reasons.   We have had several new racers and their families become a part of the Mideast family.  Riders have grown in their abilities and confidence.   The staff are already hard at work on plans for the 2018 season.  We have dropped a couple of tracks from the schedule and replaced them with new ones.  

Mark your calendars for December 17th.  That is the day of the Shelby Christmas Parade.  We always put a float in the parade and spread the Christmas spirit.  You can ride your motorcycle, ATV, UTV or ride on the float.  Come join us.  I will be posting more information when I receive our "spot" from the Parade organizers.

I know that many of you have questions about how the drops will work and how overalls will be figured. I pulled this from the rules that are posted on this website:
  • To receive points, a rider must make at least one lap.
  • To be eligible for end-of-year awards, a rider must have completed at least TWELVE of the sixteen events for points. These events must be in the SAME class. Class Championships will be decided by the points accumulated in a rider’s best twelve finishes. A rider must have completed at least one lap to receive numerical points for an event. However a DNF, does count as an event. Points are based on actual finishing positions at each event.  
  • UTV's must run SEVEN  of the ten events in the same class.  Pro's must have completed EIGHT of the ten events
  • Pro’s and Expert’s class points will be based on best fourteen finishes out of sixteen events.
  • Overall points will be based on best fourteen finishes for the sixteen events. Must run at least TEN races. However, a DNF does count as an event

The banquet is JANUARY 13th at the Shelby City Park where we have held it for the past couple years.  I will post the address and more information as we get closer to the date.  There is no charge to attend, everyone is welcome,.  The time is normally 2:00-5:00.  If you are in the top 5 in points in your class, please send your glove and shirt sizes to us.  If you are the class champion, we will also need your jacket size.  

Each week Ricky Towery leads us in prayer for those in our race family that are fighting health issues.  Often times we forget to give updates on those that we have prayed for.  Rich Savarese who recently had surgery has received a report of being cancer free at this time.  Mike Cline was at Hickory this weekend looking good.  He has a visit coming up with his doctor to discuss the next course of treatment but he is staying positive.   Please continue to remember Doug Cook, Mike Berry , Sam Bostisc, Travis Cook,  Cam Smith and I am sure there are others that we failed to mention.  Travis and Cam are the riders who were recently injured at the track but both are doing good and on the road to recovery.  We received a message that we lost one of our race family this past weekend.  Please remember Travis Walker as he mourns the loss of his dad, Doug Walker.  Doug was a long time racer with Mideast and was the 2015 60+ class champion.. He was truly a pleasure to know.

Thank you for you for being a part of the Mideast family!  We appreciate each and everyone of you!  My hope and prayer is that you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving!!