Mid East Racing 

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The tiger was good Saturday and half the day on Sunday.  Then the tiger got wet!!  This was truly an ole school track, tight woods but with a good flow and something for everybody.  Now on to the next one.

We will be at Strange's Ranch on April 28 & 29th.   Again this track will offer hills and woods as well as a creek jump.  Plenty of level parking is available for everyone who comes.

For those of you who did not race due to the rain and had signed up, if you were not on the starting line, your entry will transfer to Strange's Ranch.  You will have to do nothing except let the Sign Up ladies know that you are using your entry from Tiger Run. 

Many of you have asked about the Rocky Mountain Gas Cards.  We received an email stating that they would be added to your accounts.  It is our understanding that they can look up your account by 1. Phone number 2. E mail address 3 Name.  I have been told by Rocky Mount that they have applied or mailed the first 2 rounds to those who participated.  I know that it is confusing and frustrating to you, but believe me, it is just as confusing and frustrating to me.

Let's talk about scoring, transponders, results.  You should put your transponder under the visor of your helmet or behind the front number plate of your machine.  It can not be on metal and it does not read on carbon fiber helmets.  If you have two different helmets with different transponders, PLEASE let us know when you sign up so we can verify that we have the right number entered for you.  If you purchase a new transponder, you MUST REMOVE the old one from your helmet.  If your transponder is more than a year old, you may want to consider purchasing a new one.  The wires in them can get broken or jarred loose from the riding of your machine.  I know that when you come through scoring you glance over at the display board, that is human nature.  However do not count on that being the final results.  There could have been a problem with someone that came through before you and they did not score and are being manually entered into the system which may affect your position.  

Thank you for your support of the Sponsors of Mideast.  They are there at the races for YOU!.  Nobody can sell you a Mideast tee shirt or hat but 360 Custom Apparel.  Tony is there with Kenda tires, Marcus with VP Racing Fuel, THXC Designs can personalize your jersey or hat.  Walt Phillips with 3 N One MX conducts church services on Saturday nights.  Greg Turner with Vanilla Gorilla can answer questions about your ATV's.  Zach Wright is there with Tire Spine.    Travis Shultz  with City Publishing , Micki Frazier with Merci Graphics,  Fat N Sassy Concessions , Russell Childers with Rhino Liners can help protect the bed of your truck, Emily Raines with Raines University is available for private lessons or sign up for one of her classes.    Talk to Bernard Wilson with Cutting Edge and get information on lighting to go around your pool installed by Chris Bragg Pools.  Visit E & H Honda, Honda of Shelby ,Carolina Honda,  Great Western Powersports for the purchase of your new machine.    Fox Sports South promotes the local sports in South Carolina area.  OTR Wheels will help you with wheels for your UTV.  I know that I speak for all the sponsors when I say THANK YOU for your support!

I have been putting on races for over 28 years and I know what it takes to pull off an event.  Without a doubt, the track crew and other staff members of Mideast are the best of the best!!  These people work all week at there "real" jobs and come to the track on Friday night or early Saturday morning to make Mideast what it is.  There is no "i" in team and our team proves that every race.  Thank you to each and everyone one of them.

Please continue to remember Roger Bradley, E J Starnes Julie Jenkins the family of Nate Wilson Dennis Mitchell and I am sure there are others that I am forgetting in your prayers.  I know that each of these appreciate you lifting them up on a daily basis.  

Remember, we are all walking the same road....just wearing different shoes.

See you in Laurens April 28th!!