Mid East Racing 

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Sand .......whoop.....sand.....whoop, that just about sums up the race this past weekend.   Hopefully for those going to Florida this weekend, this race helps you get the win.

We will race again on the 24th & 25th at Enola in Morganton.  Last year was our first year at this track.  This year I will be adding trails for your riding pleasure.  My plan is that there will be 10 miles of woods for the bikes, but  I will post more information the week of the event.  

I would encourage you to use online sign up for the next two races, Enola and  Antioch.  These are both historically big events and the lines are long.  You just come to the sign up trailer go to the first line and pick up your envelope, ready to race.

Once again this year, Rocky Mountain ATV will be offering the $10 Race Gas cards.  This year instead of receiving a card in the mail, everything will be handled electronically.  You will receive notification from Rocky Mountain that money has been added to your account , go online to your account and make your purchases.  They will only do them for 12 of the 16 rounds.   

Over the course of this past weekend several things happened that I would like to take the opportunity to address.  First of all I would like to say that they staff of Mideast works hard to secure places to hold races and are continually looking for new places.  With that being said, we don't want to lose the privilege of being able to return to the ones that we currently use.  At some point Saturday night, early Sunday morning someone pour a bag of concrete in the commode at the bathhouse.  Really!!!  This not only caused a major issue at the bathhouse but also took a staff member away from their job of helping putting on the race for you.   Vandalism will not be tolerated!!!  If we find out the person or persons responsible, they will ban from Mideast.  

Another concern I have is that one of our racing families left Saturday night due to unacceptable behavior from their neighbors.  So many of you come on Friday night and plan on a weekend of grilling out, sitting around the fire with your neighbors, not having someone throwing things that hit your camper.  Accidents will happen when you are practicing "catch" with your child or another adult, but not continuously.   We all work very hard to have the things that we have and to do the things that we do.  Please respect your neighbors!  Do unto others as you would have done unto you......

Social media has been busy with post this week.  I know that someone did ask if I even read those post.  Let me assure you, I read them.  Sometimes it is best not to respond on social media but to take action behind the scene.    The safety of everyone that attends a Mideast event is of upmost importance to me and the staff.  When there is an injured rider or spectator, we are there within minutes attending to that person and if needed, we call for outside assistance.  

Sandbagging seems to be a topic that comes up after each race.  Sandbagging has been around since racing begin and will be until the end of time.  We do come home and look at lap times and make adjustments when their is a problem lap.   Yes we do check to see if they are running another series or if they are listed in AMA database.  AMA monitors our website and facebook pages so they are aware of riders that stand out from their fellow riders.

Good luck to those of you who will be traveling to GNCC and to Georgia .  Be safe and bring home the win!!

Please continue to remember the family of Sam Bostic in your prayers.  As many of you know, Sam  passed away recently.  Also, remember Kames Norman, Cole Mattison, Doug Cook and I am sure there are others that would appreciate our thoughts and prayers.  We are given one opportunity to live this thing called life, smile, treat others with kindness and believe in yourself!   

See you March 24 & 25 at Enola!