Mid East Racing

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Chestnut Corner was a happening track in spite of the rain that fell early Sunday morning.  If you missed this track, you missed a good time!   The landowner was excited to have us and is looking forward to us being back next year.

The results were posted last night.  The points are not posted for HRD nor for Chestnut Corner.  There is a problem with the program and we want to get it corrected before we post them.  

I have been approached by several people on the forum and in person about the starting order.   When I do the starting order I take into consideration all classes.  There will always be slower riders that get in front of faster riders , but when a faster rider comes up behind , you move over.   

Mideast was proud to welcome Walker Fowler, Cole Richardson, and Jason Thomas to the race yesterday. Walker and Cole both rode bikes at 12:00 noon and then jumped on their quads to race the 3:00 o'clock race.  It was great to see them talking to the riders, signing helmets , shirts and getting pictures made.  It speaks so well of the fine men they are.  Jason Thomas was there on Saturday sharing tips on improving your riding skills as the instructor with DirtWise Riding. Hopefully they will be able to run another race with us this year.

Our next  race is SATURDAY  April 4th.   This is the only Saturday that we race and we will be at Antioch Motor Speedway in Morganton.  This is a shorter track than normal but a fun track.  Very spectator friendly!  We have opened up more parking up where the go cart track was.   Just as a reminder, we have online sign up available!!   Many of you will not be able to come on Friday due to work so signing up online will eliminate you having to stand in line.

Congratulations to all the Mideast riders who are running the GNCC this year!!!   It is so wonderful to see the faces of our riders on podium getting interviewed on live TV.  You are making your Mideast family very proud!! 

Continue to remember those in our race family who are dealing with illness.  Everyone needs prayer and every prayer is heard.

Thank you for your support of the Mideast Hare Scramble series!!  You are appreciated very much!!

See you on Saturday, April 4th at Antioch Motor Speedway!!